My name is Charles Sherrill, aka The Business Analyst Coach, and I am the principal author and editor of The Playbook. I view business analysis as a vocation, which is defined as a “strong inclination to a particular state or course of action.” A proper business analyst is like a craftsman of old, bringing value into being and advancing within not through the craft.

As you probably know, numerous studies have shown that about half of all project failures can be attributed to poorly understood requirements. That is billions of dollars in wasted productivity. Clearly, the world needs professional business analysts with finely honed skills, the right tools for the job, proven techniques and judgment born of hard experience. In other words, it needs Master Business Analysts. My goal here is to provide you with information and encouragement to pursue your own path being a Master Business Analyst. Here The Playbook, we will explore:

  • The skills, tools, and techniques used by business analysts
  • Business analysis best practices
  • Obstacles and pitfalls in the practical application of business analysis
  • News and trends in the business analysis profession
  • Trending subject matter domains that may offer opportunities for business analysts
  • Professional development for business analysts.

We will explore these topics within the various business contexts in which we apply our tradecraft – Agile, business intelligence, information technology, business architecture, and business process management – so that together we can “get it right the first time, every time.”